Baptists and the American Civil War: February 5, 1861

Map of Virginia 1860sThe Confederate States’ convention continues today in Montgomery, Alabama, as delegates work on establishing the legal principles that will under gird the new nation.

In Georgia, the Milledgeville Southern Federal Union publishes Georgia’s causes of secession, as approved by the state’s secession convention on January 29. The preservation of African (black) slavery is identified as the primary cause of secession.

Meanwhile, Dr. L. W. Seeley, pastor of the Second Baptist Church of Richmond, Virginia, opens the new Senate session of the state’s General Assembly. Immediately thereafter, a House communication is read, announcing the House passage of a bill to incorporate the Berkeley Border Guards’ Armory Company.

Virginia is a state harboring strong sentiments both Union and Secession, with Union sentiment strong in the West, and Secession fever stronger in the slaveholding eastern lowlands. State politics are tense, and the political atmosphere is thick with fear and uncertainty as to the future.

Sources: Virginia Senate account (link)