Baptists and the American Civil War: October 7, 1861

Richmond, Virginia During the Civil War

Richmond, Virginia During the Civil War

Southern Baptist efforts to supply religious reading material to Confederate soldiers are now well underway. George J. Sumner, Treasurer of the Baptist Colportage Board, is now living in Richmond, Virginia, the Confederate Capital. This month he reports that the board has received $3,500 to assist in providing religious reading material to the Confederate Army in Virginia.

The Richmond Daily Dispatch, routinely covering religious news as related to the southern war effort, publishes a partial listing of donations received by the Colportage Board, offering a glimpse into Southern Baptist support of the war effort in terms of religious literature for soldiers:

Rev. Dr. Quarles, Louisa co., sends from his school and churches $55 60

Rev. C. Tyree, Powhatan co 95 00

Several friends in Halifax co 100 00

Dr. Wm. H. Turpin, Augusta, Ga. 20 00

Young Ladies’ Missionary Society, 1st Baptist Church, Petersburg. 8 00

Collected by Rev. H. H. Wyer, Goochland co 50 00

Friends in Buckingham co 60 00

W. W. Waller, for 1st Baptist Church, Montgomery, Ala 160 00

First Baptist Church, Charleston, S. C. 50 00

Friends in Spotsylvania co 25 00

Collected by Rev. E. W. Roach, Charlotte co 50 00

Friends in Bedford co 30 00

Prof. C. L. Cocke, Hollins’s Institute 10 00

Dr. Wm. Gwathmey’s family, King William co 14 00

Some Christians in Knoxville, Tenn. 17 00

Friends at Rock Hill, Ala 43 50

Thos. D. Toy, Norfolk 50 00

Collected by Rev. Thos. Landsdell, of Louisiana 25 00

Walnut Grove Baptist Church, Hanover, per Rev. Mr. Patterson 26 50

Peter V. Daniel, Esq., Richmond, Va. 10 00

Rev. G. H. Northam, Richmond co. 35 50

F. M. Latham, Esq., Culpeper C. H. 20 00

Georgia Baptist Convention 40 00

Dr. R. H. Ryland, La. 10 00

Sparta Grays, per Rev. A. Broaddus 28 00

Thos. Hurt, Caroline co. 20 00

Collected by Rev. J. H. Fox, Scottsville 25 00

M. M. Anderson, per Rev. T. Hume, Portsmouth 10 00

Friends in Staunton, Va. 80 00

Rev. J. W. Ward, Southampton co 20 00

Source: “Contributions for the Soldiers,” Richmond Daily Dispatch, October 18, 1861 (link)