About the Baptist History & Heritage Society

Baptist History & Heritage SocietyThe Baptist History & Heritage Society (BH&HS) communicates the story of Baptists through print and digital media, publications, and conferences. Bruce Gourley is the executive director of the Society.

The BH&HS is a non-profit, national, independent, diverse organization of Baptist historians and other individuals and partner institutions who are committed to communicating the story of Baptists through the study, interpretation, publication, and advocacy of Baptist history.  The Society’s Mission Statement is: Helping Baptists discover, conserve, assess, and share their history. While the organization primarily works with and among Baptists, the Society also assists the general public in understanding Baptists.

The Baptist History & Heritage Society publishes a variety of print and digital media resources (including books, booklets and pamphlets; the Baptist History & Heritage Journal; the Baptist Studies Bulletin; and other resources), sponsors various local, regional and national conferences, and bestows awards upon individuals and organizations who make exceptional contributions in the field of Baptist history.

The Society works alongside scholars, clergy, laity, and the general public. The organization’s focus is that of the world of the academy and the life of the local church. The work and contributions of the Society encompass the diverse world of Baptists and the wide variety of Baptist beliefs, while intersecting the larger world through a focus on the long-held Baptist heritage of freedom of conscience, religious liberty, and separation of church and state.