How to Use This Site

At the end of of 2015 this site will contain roughly 1,800 essays representing that which Baptists were saying and doing on a daily basis throughout the Civil War years, from January 1, 1861 through January 1, 1866.

Each essay was posted 150 days after the fact. For example, the entry posted January 1, 2011 is about January 1, 1861.

There are several ways to access a given article for a particular day of the war.

1) Use the Archive feature of this site (on the right hand side of each page). Select the year and month corresponding to the war years. For example, December 2014 corresponds with December 1864.

2) Use the site search function (on the right hand side of each page). In the search box type the day that you want to read. For example: “December 31 1864”

3) Type or cut and paste the URL directly into your browser address bar. The naming convention is as follows: . Change “1864/december/31” to the date you are seeking.

You may also us the search function to search for specific names (persons, churches, military units) or thematic words.

Other than date specific essays, the site features a number of interpretive essays and research-related essays.