Baptists and American Civil War ReviewsThe Baptists and the American Civil War: In Their Own Words digital project, created and developed by Bruce Gourley, Executive Director of the Baptist History & Heritage Society, has received excellent reviews from historians, pastors, journalists, and others.

Following are a few reviews that the Baptists and the American Civil War project has received:

“You are performing a great service, giving historians and others access to sources of which most (of us) are not aware or to which we do not have easy access. I did a first sampling, on the slavery question. I’m hooked. I will be spending many hours with the materials – maybe “there went my summer.” I’ll do what I can to call attention to the site.” – Martin E. Marty, Fairfax M. Cone Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus of the History of Modern Christianity in the University of Chicago Divinity School

“… a terrific resource for scholars working on all sorts of subjects, as well as those interested in Baptist history of the religious history of the Civil War, in particular. The daily journal features short bits of information and analysis on the events of that day 150 years ago … Congratulations to Bruce Gourley on making his research and interests available in this wonderfully accessible way, and in incorporating the best scholarship in doing so.” – Paul Harvey, Professor of American History, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

” A very good [website] especially useful during the sesquicentennial—where religion is likely to get short shrift.” George C. Rable, Charles Summersell Chair in Southern History, University of Alabama

“Three times three cheers on your creative and relevant site about Baptists and the Civil War!”  Walter B. Shurden, retired Callaway Professor of Christianity and Chair of the Roberts Department of. Christianity, Mercer University, and currently Minister at Large, Mercer University

“Wow, what an excellent project. Superb work.”  – Mark Wilson, Historian, Auburn University

“A thoroughly informative and interesting site that I have greatly enjoyed visiting and recommending to my friends and fellow church members. Thank you for taking the time to produce such a wonderful resource.”  Dennis Sacrey, President Virginia Baptist Historical Society

“I check in on your diary occasionally and find it a great read. Keep up the good work!” Joe Conn, Editor, Church & State Magazine.

“Impressive …. Those who say history is boring are looking in the wrong places. [This] website is insightful and engaging. Astute readers of history end up with more than facts in their heads. They learn to view the future through the experiences of the past.” – John Pierce, Executive Editor, Baptists Today News Journal

“[this site] is the most exciting thing I’ve seen in a long time in actually interesting Baptists in their history.” – a Baptist pastor in Georgia

“A great piece of work!” – Jim Duvall, Baptist History Homepage

“… an excellent website …” – Fredericksburg Baptist Church, Fredericksburg, Virginia

Thank you, Bruce, for all the excellent work you do for these posts. I always read them. They have brought the horrors of this war home to the divided Baptist family.” — Craig Sherouse, Pastor, Second Baptist Church, Richmond, Virginia

Baptists and the American Civil War: In Their Own Words is copyrighted by Bruce T. Gourley.