Baptists and the American Civil War: July 10, 1862

Civil War States MapAmidst the tumult of war, humor occasionally makes an appearance in the Baptist press of the South. Such is the case in regards to a short piece published in this week’s North Carolina Baptist Biblical Recorder.

A man who had recently been elected a Major of the Militia, and who was not overburdened with brains, took it into his head, on the morning of the parade, to exercise a little by himself. The field selected for the purpose was his own apartment. Placing himself in a military attitude, with his sword drawn he exclaimed–“Attention, company! Rear rank, three paces, march!” and he tumbled down into the cellar. His wife, hearing the racket, came running in, saying–“My dear, have you killed yourself?” “Go about your business, woman,” said the hero. “What do you know about war?”

Source: “What do You Know about War?”, Biblical Recorder, July 9, 1862 (link)