Baptists and the American Civil War: July 25, 1862

Civil War States MapA Confederate solider, William Francis Brand of Virginia, today pens a letter to his sweetheart (Kate) in which he expresses happiness that his regiment (5th Virginia) has finally obtained a chaplain:

Our Regt. has a Chaplain at last he is a Baptist thare was prayer meeting last night & night before. I hope & pray that his teachings may be a benefit to the Regt. & that many may give them selves over unto the true & living God. Our Chaplains name is Waters he is a very good preacher.

Well into the war, many (likely most) Confederate units lack Baptist chaplains, in part because Baptists refuse to accept government funding for war chaplains, and because Baptists in general are slow to respond to the need for army chaplains and missionaries.

Sources: William F. Brand July 25, 1862 letter, Valley of Shadow Project, University of Virginia (link); William F. Brand, Civil War Soldier Database (link)