Baptists and the American Civil War: March 8, 1863

Georgia MapAs the second anniversary of the beginning of the Civil War inches ever closer, many Baptist congregations of the South by this point have largely redirected their mission efforts to Confederate soldiers by collecting funds to support army chaplains and provide Christian literature to soldiers. Helping Baptist soldiers maintain their faith and evangelizing non-Christian soldiers are the primary goals of Southern Baptist mission efforts among Confederate soldiers.

The Cedar Creek Baptist Church in northwest Georgia is supporting soldier missions by providing money to distribute the Georgia Baptist Christian Index to soldiers. Index editor Samuel Boykin, ever eager to highlight churches who are purchasing subscriptions of his paper for the soldiers, publishes a letter from the church’s pastor telling of the congregation’s investment to “send truth and light” to hospitalized soldiers in the nearby town of Rome, Georgia.

Dear Bro. Boykin.– Please find enclosed $24.95 as a contribution from Cedar Creek church, Floyd county, Ga. This amount is given to purchase the “Indexes” to be distributed in the Hospitals in Rome … the amount enclosed was easily raised, to send truth and light to the soldiers. Pray for us, dear brother, and will your readers of the Index pray for the church and pastor of Cedar Creek. PASTOR

Source: “Zeal in a Good Cause,” Christian Index, March 9, 1863