Baptists and the American Civil War: November 21, 1863

Civil War States MapLife is becoming increasingly difficult for southerners living in the border state of Maryland. This week’s South Carolina Confederate Baptist reflects upon a story making the rounds among the Baptist press of the South.

Amid the contradictory reports which have reached us from this state, it is gratifying to have the explicit statement of one, who speaks from actual observation. Rev. T. H. Pritchard, recently pastor of Franklin square church, Baltimore, who has been fined, imprisoned, and finally, banished, for his devotion to the South, expresses in the Biblical Recorder his “deliberate conviction that two-thirds of the men, and seven-tenths of the women of Maryland are with the South.” Let us pray that our brethren there may have grace to continue steadfast.

Source: Maryland, Confederate Baptist, November 18, 1863