Baptists and the American Civil War: October 13, 1864

Jefferson DavisSome two centuries after the colony of Maryland first allowed slavery, residents of the state of Maryland this day vote to end the peculiar institution. Although the vote is close overall, some 90% of Maryland soldiers cast ballots for the abolition of slavery.

The vote by Marylanders is merely the latest in a long series of war-time events that, now having gathered collective steam, are destined to ensure the eradication of black slavery.

Meanwhile, even as the South’s foundation of black slavery is on the verge of extinction, the editor of the South Carolina Confederate Baptist voices unfailing confidence in Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

In his recent tour of Georgia, Davis had declared, “Let no one despond.” This week’s Confederate Baptist echoes this sentiment.

Of Davis’ words, let them “ring all over the Confederacy.” Let them “be the watchword every where … let these brave words be unfurled on every battle-field, and flame, in letters of light, on the dark clouds that now overshadow the land … all will be well, in the end.”

As to how many actually believe such assurances is another matter.

Sources: “History of Slavery in Maryland” (link); “Let No One Despond,” Confederate Baptist, October 12, 1864