Baptists and the American Civil War: July 28, 1865

South Carolina Civil War MapIn South Caroline a new Baptist church is formed this day: the First Baptist Church of Inman (as it is later named).

A season of revival following the war provides the impetus for the formation of the new congregation. A growing Temperance movement in Spartanburg County contributed to the revivalism. Historically, Baptists had not been opposed to alcohol, although intoxication was frowned upon. The Temperance movement in the South, spurred along by reports of drunkenness among Confederate soldiers during the war, led some Baptists to oppose alcohol altogether.

Among the 19 charter members is a former slave. More former slaves join in the years following, and the church erects its first meeting house in 1868.

The integrated nature of the post-war church stands in contrast to the widespread segregation that takes place following the war as freedmen form their own congregations.

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