Baptists and the American Civil War: July 28, 1863

Civil War States MapIn this week’s North Carolina Baptist Biblical Recorder, a contributer calls upon his fellow Southern Baptists to never give up the fight against the United States.

The following remarks of the Fayetteville Observer will meet with the approbation of every patriot in the land. In the language of the editor in a previous issue, “It is idle to talk of peace” since no peace will be alluded to, even, by our enemies, except on conditions of dishonor and ruin to every man, woman and child in the Confederacy. We believe with the Richmond Examiner, “that the Confederacy can defend itself for ever.” Those who think differently and talk of exhaustion, defeat and peace, &c., we would not denounce, but as our fellow-citizens who have done much to aid the cause of independence, we would address them in language of respect and of warning, urging the language of the expenditure of the “last man and the last dollar” (and there is no lack of either) in defence of our inalienable rights and for the consummation of the ends which have already cost us so much, even the ends of existence, safety, independence and honor.

Source: Biblical Recorder, July 29, 1863 (link)