Baptists and the American Civil War: November 29, 1865

Pennsylvania Map During the Civil WarDavid L. Bryant, born 1843 in Jackson, Pennsylvania, was one of three brothers to fight in the Civil War. One brother died and two survived, including David.

Enlisting in September 1862, David’s living through the war defied the odds, as he fought in roughly 100 battles, including at Seven Pines, Murfreesboro and Petersburg.

A Baptist layman, today David Bryant is mustered out of service in the Union Army at City Point, Virginia.

Returning home to Jackson, Pennsylvania, Bryant marries Abbie Lewis. Three children later, Abbie dies. A year later, Bryant marries Abbie’s sister Elizabeth, with whom he has five more children.

Of the Union veteran while he is yet alive in later life, a biography offers a brief summary that could be applicable to many veterans who, in the decades following the war, make the best of life:

“When the Civil War broke out he offered his services and his life to the Government in defense of his country, and as a soldier he did his fully duty, as the many engagements in which he participated will testify. As a citizen [he] is loved and respected, for his neighbors speak of him and family in the highest terms.”

Source: Commemorative Biographical Record of Northeastern Pennsylvania, Chicago: J. H. Beers, 1900, pp. 1055-1056